Dunline® Finisher Felts Features


No seams or splices that may mark-off or weaken the felt.

Superior Strength and Durability

Due to the high-tech and long staple fibers  used in conjunction with the needling process.

Pre Heat-Set

Provides excellent dimensional stability and subsequent ease of tracking.

Batt-on-Base Construction

An endless woven scrim (base) with a layered needled surface (batt).
  • The ultimate in felt performance and the only option for use on a Liquid Ammonia range.
  • This DuPont® fiber is the ideal felt for commission finishers processing a full range of fabrics with various pH levels.
  • This felt will outlast any other. We highly recommend this felt for longevity, especially in harsh environments, and to impart a soft hand to fabric.
  • Among its many qualities are:
    • Outstanding strength retention upon exposure to high temperature (245°C)
    • Excellent resistance to acids and alkalis
    • Does not hydrolyze
  • The industry standard.
  • This particular polyester has excellent:
    • Abrasion Characteristics
    • Tensile Characteristics
    • Hydrolysis Resistance
  • Note: All polyester fibers are not equal in these qualities, typically the cheaper the fiber the poorer it performs.
  • A special blend of 100% synthetic fibers made by combining our special hydrolysis resistant polyester fiber with excellent abrasion resistant and highly alkaline resistant acrylic fibers.
  • This is the preferred felt for applications that tend towards an alkaline pH level.
  • 50/50 Wool & Polyester Blend
  • Wool imparts a superior “hand” to any fabric processed.
  • Our special hydrolysis resistant and durable polyester.