Positioning the stop or guide rolls properly is very important. Cracks may develop on the edge of a Rubber Belt if the Belt is allowed to run forcefully against either or both of these Guide Rolls.

  • Position the Guide Rolls 1″ (25mm) from each side of the Rubber Belt to allow for normal tracking of the Belt.
  • Make sure the bearings in the Guide Rolls are working properly.
  • Check the Guide Rolls for nicks or burrs and remove if present.
  • Make sure the Guide Rolls are positioned perpendicular to the edge of the Belt (90 degrees).
  • General Rule: The Rubber Belt may run against one stop roll at a time, so long as the stop roll can be kept from turning when grabbed by hand. If the force of the Rubber Belt against the stop roll prevents this, however, the Belt is then considered to be too hard against the stop roll and steps should be taken to alleviate this condition.

NOTE: As always, we recommend extreme caution when placing any body part or clothing near a Belt that is in operation.