DUNLINE® Endless Rubber Compressive Shrinking Belts are composed of the original DUNLOP® formula – still considered the industry standard.

Due to this formula, a DUNLINE® RB simply has better resistance to tearing, cracking, elongation, abrasion and the negative effects from heat and chemicals. NOTE: Having better abrasion resistance generally means the ability to run more fabric between grinds.

We developed the ply-build method to eliminate the “spiraled” pattern typically found on an extruded belt and occasionally transferred to more delicate fabrics. NOTE: Years of testing show that the extruded spiral patterned belt, when under heavy compression, is more apt to fail when small internal fissures are stressed and flexed.

Our formula, its hardness, our thin ply building technique, and our rubber quality, generally allows the use of less compression to achieve the same amount of shrinkage as with other belts. This means a longer belt life, due to less frequent grinding intervals, and less cracking.

A DUNLINE® RB consists of the same rubber quality and hardness throughout. In contrast, belt’s built in (2-3) layers of increasing hardness require more compression to shrink fabric. And, the more compression used, the more susceptible the RB is to cracking (due to the stress load being applied) and thus, the more frequently the RB needs grinding. This also means more wear and tear on the machine journals and bearings.

DUNLINE® Rubber Belts are ground to a fine finish so that grinding prior to initial use is generally not required. This prevents wasting time, money and rubber in grinding a new RB.

The inner surface of a DUNLINE® RB is gently buffed to greatly assist in eliminating slippage of the RB against the idler, tension and/or compression rolls. As the buffed interior naturally has more coefficient of friction than a completely slick interior, less tension is needed to turn these rolls. As less tension is applied to the RB, it is generally possible to run the RB with less compression – once more equating to longer life due to less frequent grinding intervals and less cracking.

Optimally designed container for safely transporting the RB, easier removal and storage and minimization of compression set.

Each DUNLINE® RB is built by a staff having a cumulative building experience of some 90 years.

Each DUNLINE® RB must pass several inspection points and then be inspected by senior management before being released to the customer.