DUNLINE® Endless Rubber Compressive Shrinking Belts are composed of the original DUNLOP® formula – still considered the industry standard. Due to this formula, a DUNLINE® RB simply has better resistance to tearing, cracking, elongation, abrasion and the negative effects from heat and chemicals.


A DUNLINE® Rubber Belt (RB) will equal or exceed any other RB on the market today. As a general rule, a DUNLINE® RB can be used to a thickness of 50 mm when processing heavyweight fabrics requiring high shrinkage, or down to 25 mm for fabrics run to impart hand only.

Outstanding Technical Support

Our technical support is lead by our company president, Jeff Maker. Jeff joined Dunline® Rubber Products in August 2014 in a continuing effort to enhance DRP’s technical preeminence.  Jeff comes from a legacy of three generations working with the compressive preshrinking of textile fabrics.