Dunline Rubber Products Maintenance Tools

To extend the life of your belt Dunline offer the following products to assist with belt maintenance.

Felt Doctor Blade

Designed to withstand the demands of the the compressive shrinking process

Felt Doctor Blade insert ensures felt blade remains rigid with consistent contact with rubber belt surface

Creates a dam of water to aid in the cooling and lubrication of belt

  • Increases rubber belt life
  • Ensures consistent rubber belt performance
  • Prevents water-waste


Silicon Carbide Grinding Cloth

  • A patented abrasive and bond structure that prevents “loading” of the abrasive and reduces friction build-up so the abrasive grinds cooler.
  • Guaranteed Endless without Seam or Splice
  • The special cloth backing has been pre-stretched and stabilized to create tremendous dimensional stability of the product – meaning less down time for “re-tightening” of the abrasive on the grinding roll

Talcum Powder

  • Too fine a grade = Coagulation of the Talc while grinding
  • Too coarse a grade = Not obtaining the desired surface finish
  • For these reasons, we experimented with numerous grades before settling on the one we have sold for years


Belt Wash

  • Belt Wash removes “sizing” build up prolongs the grinding frequency preventing unnecessary downtime and extending belt life
  • Belt wash relieves the “surface tension” on the belt after grinding (otherwise the cooling water may not adhere as well to the face of the belt)

Dunply Belt Protect

  • Protects Rubber Belt where the rubber is exposed directly to the metal surface of the steam heated cylinder
  • Safe for natural rubber of the belt – not readily absorbed
  • High melt point – it remains on the belt’s surface as a lubricant
  • Will not stain fabric or cause any other undesirable effects
  • Prevents:
    • Premature cracking
    • Rubber peeling or pick off
    • Rubber stickiness
    • Build up of finishing deposits on belt surface
    • Fabric problems such as corrugations & moire appearances on fabrics with floating yarn
    • Irregular/unpredictable movements of rubber belt – particularly at lower speeds

Rubber Repair Sheet

  • An easy and highly effective means of repairing damaged areas anywhere on a Rubber Belt.
  • Made of the same material as Dunline® Rubber Belts so that physical characteristics of the patch match the belt
  • It is easy to airmail as it is lightweight and non-flammable.