Compressive Shrinkage Rubber Belts

Dunline Endless Rubber Compressive Shrinking Belt was first sold in 1938. Ever since then, Dunline Rubber Belts have been universally recognized as the superior belt and the choice for those seeking quality and value.

Finisher Felts

Dunline Rubber Products offers a great selection of finisher felts. From 100% Nomex, to Plyester, Polyester-Acrylic blend and Wool-Polyester blend,  our finisher felts are top of the line.

Maintenance Products

At Dunline, we are constantly helping our clients get the most our of our products. To extend the life of your rubber belt, we offer a selection of maintenance products.

Maintenance Tools

In order to get the longest life and most accurate shrinkage from your belt Dunline offers a variety of compressive shrinkage rubber belt maintenance tools.