Tension RB 1/4″ (6.35mm) or less for 2-5/8″ (67mm) and 1/2″ (12.7mm0 or less for 2″ (50mm) thick belt

Guide Rolls should be spaced 1″-2″ (25-50mm) wider than the RB and at 90 degree angle to the belt’s edge and be able to turn freely

Water removal rolls: 30 PSI (2.1097kg/cm) or less

Steam Cylinder: 240degress-280degrees F (115 -138 degreees C)

Dry Can before RB: 175 F(79C)

Palmer 290 F (143 C)

Maximum compression is 25-30% (eg 2 2/8″ [67mm] = 7/8″ [22mm])

– NOTE: Use only enough compression to obtain desired finish or shrinkage. Over compression can lead to “elongation” or “creep” by crushing the picks.

RB speed when grinding: 2.75yds/min (2.5 -2.7,/min); grinding speed roll 1750rpm