The rubber belt should be cleaned or washed whenever build up accumulates on the belt surface and after every grinding. Removing “sizing” build up on the belt prolongs the time required between grindings extending belt life and reducing downtime in production. Washing after grinding relieves the “surface tension” on the belt surface allowing cooling water to adhere to the face of the belt. This is essential to minimize cracking on the belt face.

Instructions for how to Clean your belt:

  1. Make sure the belt is wet to start
  2. Turn off the outside water but leave on the inside water sprays
  3. Run the belt at low speed. (Approximately 3-5 yards per minute)
  4. Sprinkle a cup’s worth of DUNLINE BELT WASH (or other soap) along the length of the belt at the nip where the pressure roll meets the steam cylinder. (If the inside of the belt is discolored, you may also wash the interior.)
  5. Run the belt while until you see the build up on the steam cylinder and the belt wash away (experience is the best guide for wash duration, typically plants using silicone to treat their fabrics need to wash their belt more frequently and for a longer duration.
  6. Turn water back on to rinse out – a few minutes to flush it out – can disengage the felt doctor blade water pipe above the steam cylinder and above felt doctor blade